find a hostel


I couldn’t take the hostel reservations more than 1 day, I had to find other hostel.
I went to 2 hostels, but they were full. I asked why there’re so many people, he answered because the cricket tournament will come soon.
They try to see the Australia vs New Zeland, cricket tournament between Commonwelth.

Finally I found a hostel, named as Backpack OZ.
Entered in CAVE. 12 beds.

I just walked around after this, bought foods for dinner, relaxed.
they lend the bicycle for free, I’ll go cycling tomorrow.

What I hit on today:
– don’t use AR in DR, just making dating app with virtual girls and filling map, it may be easiler to make.
– leave smartphone and grow up the green game is. like this, “no payment(or less payment) and you play for a long time” will be
Epoch-making of sustainable game. mixing of formar, 500 yen dating game app.